Image Cropping in Photoshop and Light Room

Image Cropping in Photoshop and Light Room

  Image Cropping is an important task. Usually image crop is used for removing unnecessary part of an image. Beside this there are many reasons for which an image is being cropped. For Example to fix image...

Drop shadow after before

How to make drop shadow in Adobe Photoshop

The image variation which is created because of the lighting variations during photo shoot is called Shadow in terms of photography.     The direction of shadow of any person or image depends on whic...

increase Red color

Change Hair and Eye color Take care of fly-away hairs in Photoshop

In today’s Tutorial we will see how we can change hair color and eye color and how we can remove Fly-away hair. Only by using some techniques we can change Hair color and Eye color of an image. We will show and...

make the color more beautiful

Changing a Background for dramatic Effect in Photoshop

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Changing a Background for Dramatic effect in Photoshop   [ratings]     Today we will show how we can create a dramatic background through Photoshop. Also we...

Lens Correction Filter

Photoshop Filters For Photography

In Adobe Photoshop Filter is an important option, Photoshop cannot be imagined without it. Some filters are found in Photoshop default and some filters have to be imported. Today we will discuss about some filt...


How to Create an Action in Adobe Photoshop

Actual meaning of Action is Work Process. Work Process means doing a work step by step. In Adobe Photoshop there is a tool called Action by clicking on which we can complete a work within a very short period of...

Photoshop's color adjustment

Model Portrait Photography and Model Retouching

Model Portrait Photography is photography of a person or grouped person. While shooting portraits, different types of backgrounds, fruitful lighting is used and Model photographs are made in different gestures....

Click on Save for web from File menu

How To Make Animated Gifs in Photoshop CS6 Effective

[ratings]   Gif is a file format, Gif- Graphic Interchange Format. A Raster Graphics File Extension. It is file format of World Wide Web. It is a technique of keeping several images in one file.Gif Animati...

Adobe Photoshop the size of the image has become very big

Image Optimization in Photoshop

What matters should be considered to do image optimization through Photoshop   [ratings]     When we work on Adobe Photoshop the size of the image has become very big. Image size basically depend...

dust and scratch

Learning Photo Restoration with Photoshop

Photo restoration key   [ratings]   Photo restoration is a process to bring back any old image to its previous position. It is to fix the broken parts,different types of dust and scratches in an old ...

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