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Photo Color Correction Service

Basically, Photo Color Correction in simple terms meaning to work with different colors of  the same image & correct them based on the requirements.

This Service is integrated with Clipping Path Service and is performed mostly on a created path of an image to work on it particularly without damaging or changing the entire image. This is a very useful service to showcase various colors of the same product without the need to make or create several ones.




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Get Photo Color Correction Services at Low Cost

ClipandTouch offers photo color correction services that enhance the vibrancy and visual appeal of your photos. Our expert team fixes issues such as darkness, brightness, and color problems, ensuring your photos look their absolute best.

Our photo color correction services cater to photographers, businesses, and individuals seeking to enhance the quality of their images for various purposes like advertising, e-commerce, or social media. When you choose ClipandTouch, rest assured that we deliver outstanding results tailored to your specific needs.

One of the standout benefits of our color correction services at ClipandTouch is our commitment to quick turnaround times and affordable pricing. We provide flexible pricing plans that can be personalized to match the unique requirements and budgets of our clients. This ensures that our services are accessible to businesses and individuals of all sizes.

Our Distinctive Qualities Are Important

The features we offer, which set us apart from our rivals, were created based on what is important to our customers.

Processing that occurs continuously

Our production team operates on a roster system. As a result, you get continuous image post-processing production.

Time Management That Works

Meeting deadlines isn't a unique offering, but practicing it consistently while maintaining the quality that we provide matters in the long run.

The quickest response time

In the event of emergency projects, we guarantee the quickest response time and provide customized arrangements.

Try Up to 5 Images for Free

You can modify up to 5 photos for free so you can evaluate our services' quality and cost before believing any misleading claims we make.

Sample of Photo Color Correction

Moreover, we believe that our photo color correction sample will inspire you and give you confidence in choosing ClipandTouch as your preferred service provider. Take a moment to explore our gallery and envision the possibilities for your own photos. Let us transform your images into stunning visual masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Photo Color Correction services Can Be Majorly Composed Into Two Parts:

Basically, color correction is an essential process in post-production that involves adjusting the color and tone of a video or image to improve its overall quality and appeal. It can be broadly divided into two parts: primary color correction and secondary color correction.

Color-correction-1 beforeColor-correction-1 after

Color Path Editing

Firstly, we will be working with only one single color of a specific part of an image. For example, let’s take a model image where the model is wearing a dress. Here we would take a clipping path of the dress and work on the dress separately. We would perform Color Correction on the dress and we can change the color to different colors needed this will create an effect that the model has worn the multiple numbers of dresses without the need to actually change into them. Thus the combination color correction and clipping path we will perform color path editing. This service can be combined with any type of Image Retouching Service.

Multi-Color Path

Secondly, the word multi might already give you an idea of what it might be and you are correct. This service is used to provide multiple color correction of different parts of the same image. Now let us take the same model who was wearing a dress but now that dress has multiple colors on it and also we will work on her shoes at the same time. Here we would perform Multi or Complex Clipping Path and separate each color of the dress and the shoes on different paths.

Then we would perform color correction to change the existing colors or decrease the number of colors used. Multi-color correction can also be performed to input multiple colors or create a pattern with colors on a single color image.

To sum up, photo enhancement and editing service have a vast range of uses based on different image and requirements. Clip and Touch can help you achieve the results that you only had in your mind and make it a reality with competitive rates. In other words that level of excellent work provided by us will make your possibilities endless. We value our customers and our work with determination and accuracy. We are always keen to learning and taking on new challenges and being successful in achieving the topmost results.

Color-correction-2 beforeColor-correction-2 after

Why do you need Photo color correction service?

  • Sell the same product in different colors
  • Increase confidence in your product
  • No need to hire an expensive professional photographer

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