Ghost Mannequin Effect ServiceGhost Mannequin Effect Service
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Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Basically, Ghost Mannequin Effect service is the procedure to edit an image in order to create false impressions or trickery in photographs. Above all, image manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary image to an unexpected and amazing image. Image Manipulation can also be done through analog and digital techniques.




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Ghost Mannequin Effect Service
Ghost Mannequin Effect Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect and Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin Effect and Neck Joint Service

Let’s begin with the mannequin, a dummy doll commonly utilized by artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others for displaying or fitting clothing. In the realm of image editing services, the ghost mannequin effect plays a significant role, particularly within Neck Joint Services. This effect involves the combination of two images: one featuring the clothing on the mannequin and the other showcasing the clothing without the mannequin, allowing the inside label of the garment to be visible from the outside. The two images are seamlessly merged in the neck area, creating an illusion that completes the Ghost Mannequin Effect.

  • Mannequin Removal Service

Mannequin Removal Service

The mannequin removal service holds significant importance for clothing industries, including garment manufacturers, online shops, and skilled photographers. When capturing images of a stunning dress worn on a mannequin, showcasing the apparel on websites or online platforms becomes necessary. To ensure the prime focus is solely on the clothing piece, industry recommendations call for the removal of the mannequin. Our expert editors skillfully edit these images, seamlessly making the mannequin disappear.

ghost mannequin service
ghost mannequin effect

Furthermore, mannequins, commonly referred to as dolls, serve various purposes for dressmakers, artists, and photographers. Within the image editing industry, the process of removing mannequins is known as the Mannequin Remove Service. Our professional team specializes in providing exceptional mannequin removal services, ensuring the spotlight remains solely on the clothing, presenting it in the most captivating manner.

Experience the benefits of our Mannequin Remove Service and elevate your clothing images to stand out in the competitive market. Trust our expertise to deliver outstanding results that enable your apparel to shine and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Sample of Ghost Mannequin Effect

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Ghost Mannequin Effect Service
Ghost Mannequin Effect Service
Ghost Mannequin Effect Service
Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Neck Joint Service

Generally, neck joint service is also known as the invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin service. Moreover, the products are not only  T-shirts but also lady T-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, shoes, cap, cargo pants, polo shirt, necktie, party dress, party costume, sweater, jackets, girl jacket, down jacket, coats, jerseys, women skirt, work wear, prom dress, trousers, children’s clothes, hoodies jackets, belts, belts, belts. Whenever the photographers take photos of these specific clothing, there will be two photos taken. The first one will be the total outfit and the other one will be a supported image which is inside the neck area only. Clip and Touch will provide professional editors who will be able to join the neck with the clothing. Thus the clothing will appear as proper apparel and ready to go.

Also, we are therefore experts in image editing and design turnaround. Rendering all sorts of images is needed so we can fulfill your request. In short, we offer reliable rates for Neck Joint Service and Mannequin Remove Service with no compromise on task quality.

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