portrait retouching service

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait Photo Retouching is an important  element of a Photo retouching. There exist many imperfections while doing a photo shoot. Those imperfections might be because of photographer’s inefficiency or lighting of shooting location or surrounding environment.

Even a good photographer can’t guarantee that every photo shoot will be perfect. There will be some imperfections stays behind and maybe because of some problem with the model. For example- freckles in the model’s skin, pimples, fly away hairs, scars etc might be there. Nobody wants to see Those imperfections in their pictures. Those imperfections can be fixed through retouching.

To fix those unexpected imperfections we do retouching.

To make a portrait/ model image look beautiful and attractive we provide following services:

  • Head shots & Face Retouching
  • Glamour & Beauty Retouching
  • Body Retouching & Reshaping
  • Model Portrait Retouching
  • Digital Airbrushing
  • Portrait Enhancement

How we do Headshots & Face Retouching

Headshot images are basically used for professional purposes. Headshot images are used for Professional ID Card, CV, Create social Identity etc. As those images play an important role in developing someone’s carrier,  therefore Headshot images are important.

When you see a person for first time you get an impression.  That could be negative or positive. No one wants a negative impression at first look. That doesn’t mean we would change the natural look by retouching. In Headshot retouching basically we remove unwanted and temporary spots. For example- Pimples, blemishes, unwanted smile wrinkle, whiten teeth, flying hair etc.

Glamour & Beauty Retouching

The idea of glamour & beauty is a relative thing. Which is glamorous in one’s eyes that couldn’t be as glamours as to others. The retouching depends on the expectation of glamour and beauty photographer or the owner of the image or models requirements. But usually we understand glamour retouching means beautifully color combination, make-up brightness, contrast, color balance in a models image. There is no specific theory for photo retouching. It depends on the photographers or models requirements and preferences. That’s why for Glamour and Beauty retouching we give importance on the preferences of clients.

Body Retouching & Reshaping

Another important task of retouching is Body Retouching & Reshaping. If any part of a models body looks odd or irrelevant in the image then we correct them with different tools of Photoshop to make the model look good and attractive. So Body Retouching & Reshaping on an image means making a models body good looking, attractive and eye catching by using different tools of Photoshop.

The reasons for which Body Retouching & Reshaping is needed is given below:

  • While doing a photo shoot because of standing style the models belly looks a little bulky which looks a bit odd. Any viewer will not want to see the image not even the model himself/ herself want to see the image. So Body Reshaping is needed on that kind of images.
  • Because of wind model’s dress flys away in one side which looks odd, in such case Body Reshaping is needed.
  • To make the front and back side of the model look attractive Body Reshaping is needed.
  • Because of camera lens problem model’s body looks fat in comparison with face. In that case Body Reshaping is needed to match the combination between face and body.
  • Besides that if clients have any special requirements regarding body reshaping it can also be done nicely

Model Portrait Retouch

Model Portrait Retouch is an integral part of Photo Retouching. Nobody is 100% perfect. Models also have some flaws. But a model has to be presented in a flawless way. For this we need to retouch the model by Adobe Photoshop. Through retouching a models imbalances or imperfections are eliminated by keeping the natural look unchanged. Retouching is a technical and creative task not a skill of memorization task. This needs a lot of work experiences and idea about new techniques which we have in all our designers. We do a lot of retouching work every day. We have 150+ designers with 6 years of working experiences with many big brands and renowned photographers all around the world. All our clients are very satisfied with our service. Therefore you can also take our services for Model Portrait Retouch with outmost confidence.

The things we maintain while doing Model Portrait Retouch is given below

  • Removing flying hair
  • Removing acne spots or patchiness from face
  • Removing dark acne spots from face
  • Removing wound spot from anywhere in the body
  • Removing red vines from eyes
  • Removing/ reducing under eye dark circles and wrinkles
  • Removing thick veins from hand and legs
  • Removing dust and scratch from dress etc

These are the main tasks in basic model retouching. Besides that if clients have any special requirements then we can also do that. For Example:

  • Matching body color with face
  • Skin smoothing.
  • Increasing eye sharpness.
  • Reducing redness of skin etc.

Digital Airbrushing

Digital Airbrushing is another important technique of Model Retouching. Through Digital Airbrushing a models skin can be smoothed and make it look attractive by keeping natural texture. In print media advertising we saw many model images which is retouched by Airbrushing. Digital Airbrushing totally depends on graphics designer skills. Which Airbrush should be used on which image a skilled designer can understand it at first glance. We do Digital Airbrushing work on an image professionally. The techniques we used for Airbrushing are- Frequency Separation, Doge and Burn, High Pass etc.

Portrait Enhancement

Portrait Enhancement means enhancing the quality of a Portrait image. Sometimes an image can look fade or blurry due to extra light. In that case image needs to be retouched to give it a natural or beautiful look. Basically these types of works are called Image Enhancement. Professional work experience is needed to enhance the quality of an image. All our designers are very experienced in Enhancing Image. We are used to do this kind of work every day.

In Clipandtouch.com for a long time we are successfully doing this type of work. We have experienced team of designers to do this type of work. Our designers have 5 to 6 years of working experience on an average in this work. So we can guarantee you 100% work quality. We can deliver the file with the fastest turnaround time and our pricing is also very low. So to save your time and post production cost we sincerely welcome you to work with us.