Formerly, Clip and Touch is dedicated to providing the best service possible, and their free trial is just one example of this commitment. we not only offer photo editing services but also photo editing for virtual assistance, and our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch results.

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Upload Your Files & We can process all formats of files in 24 hours.

File Upload Instructions

Firstly, you can send us the files via Wetransfer , Google Drive or Clip and Touch Free Trial  website file Upload. The file upload capacity with Hightail is a maximum of 1000GB at a time.

FTP server Upload

If you want to send a large number of files then FTP access to our server is a better choice. Please contact for FTP account information, User Name and Password.

24/7 Chat Support For 365

Clip and Touch offers 24/7 chat support for customers, allowing them to easily get assistance with any questions or concerns at any time. This service reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and provides prompt and helpful support, making the customer experience a positive one.

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A convenient and secure way to send large files to multimedia services providers. you’re in luck. Clip and Touch offers a range of file sharing options, including the ability to send files directly to their team.

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