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Background Remove Service

Background Remove Service is a very important ingredient of image editing industry which is currently a commonly used to bring up an image into more live & give the image look more creative & giving the image into a new realistic & sensible background




Image Background or Transparent Background


Image Background Removal Service will help the image to look more creativity, more clean and sharp, giving the image into a new realistic background or As a photographer or an owner of a studio, you will find that you need to work on your product backgrounds. Well! Not only that!  Any products on an image removing background is such a great advantage and also makes so good sense.


Replacing background and removing the background with a white background or Transparent Background especially in e-commerce or website is standard and very attractive. It’s not only that it erase any elements that may confuse the image but also makes it easier to size a position and location of the products in an identical way given a nice clean, sharp and standard design for websites, magazines, brochures, catalogs and other e-commerce sites.



transparent background - clipandtouch.com

transparent background



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Why you should remove the background of the image?


Fulfill with websites, Amazon or E-bay product photo recommendations
To draw interest towards the foreground object leaving the background behind
Separate and document features or form of an object
When taking product photos and you want the product to stand out
When background takes attention away from the object in focus
To use homogeneous or identical background on multiple images



Background Remove - clipandtouch.com

Background Remove Service




When to think about not removing the background of the image?


  • The natural background provides a framework for the object
  • When expert lighting and backdrop can productively provide the right background


For example, let’s say we have a product which is a daily used handbag as the subject which is kept on top of a table. Lights are on and the rays are on top of the bag and shadow got spread out. Background got darker. Now, you need to put this bag on your brochure, don’t you think it’s a time-consuming thing for you.


Well! We Clip and Touch will save your time and help your product a give a background touch which is called Background Removal Service. We will first remove the shadow of the light, give the bag a natural shadow and keep it real. Give a transparent background removing the dark spots if available and give it a sharp look and keep it simple.

Clip and Touch
has an exclusive 150+ designers who can provide this service for big businesses or small businesses with both large and small quantity. We work based on our customer satisfaction first not the rates. Thus we have affordable rates available today.





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