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Firstly, at our Image / Photo Editing Services, we take pride in delivering the best-in-class solutions to meet all your image editing needs. Our team of skilled and experienced graphic designers and photo editors are well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide top-notch any kind of image / photo editing services that exceed your expectations.

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Clipping Path Services

Our clipping path service enables you to isolate any object from its background by carefully drawing paths around it and selecting it. When it comes to removing backgrounds or separating images, achieving precise edges can be challenging. However, with our photo clipping service, you can ensure accurate and seamless results.

Clipping Path Services play a vital role in image editing and find wide applications in industries such as e-commerce, advertising, photography, and more. This technique involves creating precise outlines or paths around objects in an image, effectively isolating them from their backgrounds. In short, we offer top-notch Clipping Path Services at an affordable price, ensuring the best results for your images.

Clipping Path ServicesClipping Path Services

Complex Clipping Path Services

Complex clipping path services play a vital role in enhancing image quality, manipulation, and overall visual appeal, contributing to improved brand recognition for businesses. In today’s competitive digital landscape, it is crucial to have high-quality images that create a strong online presence and attract potential customers.

Moreover, businesses that handle a substantial volume of images, including e-commerce stores, photographers, and Graphic design agencies, greatly benefit from complex clipping path services. These services involve the creation of intricate paths around the subject of an image, allowing for precise editing and effective isolation from the background.

Creative Photo Manipulation Services

Creative photo manipulation is a transformative process that breathes new life into an image through a variety of alterations. It’s important to note that image manipulation is not simply cutting and pasting an image onto a different background; it requires the skill and expertise of an experienced professional. The key to successful image manipulation lies in creative thinking.

To delve into the concept further, image manipulation entails giving an image a fresh appearance by implementing changes, illustrations, merging elements, or removing certain aspects from the original composition. It is a meticulous process that demands precision and artistic flair to achieve the desired results.

creative image manipulationcreative photo manipulation
E-commerce image editing (2)E-commerce image editing (1)

E-commerce Image Editing Services

In today’s rapidly expanding online marketplace, the E-commerce sector is experiencing tremendous growth. This dynamic platform has become an integral part of our daily lives, with countless individuals relying on it. For online retailers and business owners, E-commerce Image/Photo Editing Services Companies act as invaluable partners.

E-commerce Image Editing Services provide a comprehensive range of tailored solutions designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. These services encompass a wide array of offerings, including background removal, product retouching, color correction, image resizing, and image enhancement, among others. By utilizing these services, online retailers can significantly enhance the visual appeal of their products and optimize their online presence.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Generally, Ghost Mannequin Effect is the procedure to edit an image in order to create false impressions or trickery in photographs. Image manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary image to an unexpected and amazing image. Image Manipulation can be done through analog and digital techniques. 

In conclusion, the Ghost Mannequin Effect is not only a popular technique but also used in image editing services to create a natural and polished look for clothing products. It involves removing the mannequin or model from the inside of a garment and merging the front and back images to create a seamless and hollow appearance.

Ghost Mannequin Effect ServiceGhost Mannequin Effect Service
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Image Masking Service

Image masking is a crucial process in Adobe Photoshop that holds significant importance. It primarily serves the purpose of background removal from an image. While clipping path is commonly employed for background removal, complex images with intricate details like flying hairs require the precision of image masking to seamlessly extract the background. In essence, image masking is an advanced technology that ensures flawless background removal with remarkable efficiency.

With image masking techniques, backgrounds can be removed flawlessly, even in cases where the subject contains intricate elements or fine details. This advanced technology allows for the precise extraction of the desired elements while maintaining the integrity of the image. The result is a visually appealing composition with a seamlessly removed background.

Jewelry Retouching Service

In the vast realm of image editing, Jewelry Image Retouching stands out as a complex and refined process. This specialized service is specifically designed to enhance and elevate the quality of jewelry products.

When it comes to jewelry photography, capturing the true brilliance and allure of gemstones and high-end metals can be challenging. Colors may appear dull or lack the desired vibrancy. Whether you have a website or any other commercial platform to showcase your jewelry, you can trust Clip and Touch blindly to deliver exceptional results.

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Model Retouching befo 3 (1)Model Retouching afte 4 (1)

Model Retouching Service

Product image retouching and model retouching play a crucial role in the dynamic Beauty & Fashion World. Photographers, whether working on private or commercial projects, are passionate about capturing models and beauties within their frames. These intricate repairs and enhancements require skilled hands and meticulous attention to detail.

For private model photography, the key objective is to highlight the natural beauty of the models in the images. On the other hand, commercial shots have their own unique requirements and distinctive characteristics. Image Retouching Services hold immense importance in both scenarios, ensuring that the final visuals meet the desired standards.

Photo Color Correction Service

Photo color correction, in essence, refers to the process of working with different colors within the same image and adjusting them according to specific requirements. This service is often coupled with the versatile Clipping Path Service and is primarily applied to a selected path within an image, allowing for targeted modifications while preserving the overall integrity of the composition.

In simpler terms, it serves as a valuable tool for showcasing multiple color variations of a product without the need for creating numerous physical samples. Discover the benefits of our photo color correction service for achieving vibrant and visually captivating images that effectively highlight the diverse color options available.


Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration services play a vital role in reviving images to their original state or enhancing their vibrancy and visual appeal. The term “restoration” itself signifies the primary purpose of this service.

In essence, photo restoration involves the process of transforming a damaged or aged image into a repaired or rejuvenated version. This service is particularly valuable for restoring old photographs or converting black and white images into vibrant, colored ones. Whether it’s companies dealing with antique photos and documents or individuals seeking to revive cherished memories captured in old photographs, photo restoration services are an indispensable solution.

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait image retouching is a crucial aspect of photo retouching, focusing specifically on perfecting the appearance of portraits. During a photo shoot, various imperfections can arise, whether due to the photographer’s limitations, lighting conditions, or the surrounding environment. Explore the details of our Portrait Image Retouching Service for remarkable results.

Even the most skilled photographer cannot guarantee flawless results in every photo shoot. Certain imperfections may persist, often stemming from issues with the model. Examples include freckles, pimples, stray hairs, or scars that may be present. These imperfections can detract from the desired aesthetic of the portraits. To address these unexpected flaws, we offer exceptional Portrait Image Retouching services. Our team specializes in delivering the best possible results, ensuring that your portraits are flawlessly enhanced. Additionally, we provide high-quality Clipping Path services to further optimize your images.

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Wedding Photo Retouching Service

Wedding moments hold immense significance, as they are cherished by everyone involved. Photographers have a deep passion for capturing these special moments, despite the challenges and pressures that come with being a professional wedding photographer. Once the beautiful wedding day comes to a close, a multitude of photos awaits skilled image retouching.

In the image retouching industry, we pride ourselves on providing the best and most professional Wedding Photo Retouch services, backed by our team of expert retouch designers. With efficiency and expertise, we can handle large volumes of wedding images, processing over 1000+ photos and delivering them within a quick 24-hour turnaround time. Can you imagine processing such a massive number of wedding images within such a short timeframe, while maintaining top-quality results? This is where our dedicated Wedding Photo Retouching department at Clip and Touch comes into play.

Background Remove Service

By utilizing background removal services, you can seamlessly extract the main subject from its original background, enabling you to place it in a new setting that enhances its visual impact. This process not only adds creativity to the image but also ensures that it aligns with your desired aesthetics and serves its intended purpose effectively.

For e-commerce businesses, background removal services have become a cornerstone of their photo editing requirements. By removing distracting backgrounds and replacing them with clean and consistent ones, these services contribute to creating a professional and cohesive visual identity for online product catalogs.

2Background Remove Service

Vector Conversion Services

Image to vector conversion, also known as image scaling service, enables the transformation of images into any size or shape while preserving the integrity and quality of the original image.

To fully grasp the concept of vector conversion, it’s essential to understand the distinction between a raster and a vector image. Raster images, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, are composed of pixels or tiny dots. When zoomed in, these images can become blurry and lose their original appearance. However, when an image is converted to a vector format, such as AI, EPS, PDF, AIT using Adobe Illustrator, it maintains its sharpness and clarity regardless of the shape or size it is stretched or shrunk to. This ensures that the image remains pixel-perfect and retains its visual fidelity.

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