Image Masking Service

  • For masking hair
  • Replacement of objects 
  • Removing hair background
  • Smoothening the edge
  • Removing unwanted Hair
  • To modifying/removing background from image

Image Masking is an important task of Adobe Photoshop. Basically Image Masking is needed to remove the background of an image. Usually Clipping Path is needed to remove the background of any image. But images which have far kind of thing or flying hairs those images need to do masking to remove the background flawlessly. In one word image masking is an advanced technology for background removing, through which image background can be removed flawlessly within a very short time.

Who needs an Image Masking service

If you are the owner of an E-commerce store and if you have any far kind of product in your E-commerce store or if your model have flying hairs and if you want to remove the background of those product images or model images then you have to use Image Masking service.

If you are a professional photographer then you will need Image masking service to remove the background of your image.

When to get Image masking service

There are some online shops, for example- etc. If you want to sell your products in these e-commerce sites then you have to follow some rules about product image, for example- image background needs to be 100% white. For this reason you have to do Image Masking in your product image.

If the edges of your image are not sharp or blurry then masking the image would be good.

If the product in your image needs to be transparent then you have to do Image Masking. For example- car glass image, glass, bottle image etc.

When you don’t need to take Image Masking service

If the edges of your product is hard/sharp then you don’t need Image Masking, for these type of images you will only need Clipping Path service.

If the color of the product/subject in your image and the background/object color of the image is same then you will not need Image Masking service.

Types of services we provide under Image Masking

Layer Masking 

To maintain high quality we do Layer masking manually. To do this type of task we use Refine Edge tool and if need we also use Pen Tablet (Wacom). In Layer masking you can see mask in Image Layer. To remove background or any kind of object from image this type of Masking is perfect.

Alpha Channel Masking 

In this type of Masking we save image in Alpha masking because afterwards it will help in adjusting image Brightness, Contrast, Exposure etc. As the size of these images is less so it is easy to upload and download these images. Images which have one background color are required Alpha Channel masking.

Background Erase masking 

This masking is done by copying images main background and using Photoshop Background Erase tool. This type of masking is perfect for single layered transparent background image.

Fur and Hair Masking

The Main purpose of Far and Hair Masking is to separate background from an images Fur and Hair. Refine Edge, Pen Tablet etc is used to do this task. To make the image look more natural we can adjust image color, brightness, contrast and exposure. For these types of images Image Masking is more preferable than Clipping Path.

Refine Edge Masking

Transparent Object Masking

Glass, Car Glass, Glass Bottle, Wedding dress, Net Fabric etc products are masked in such a way that the previous background is not visible under these images and if these are placed in a different background the background color will be visible from under these images. So for these types of images Transparent Masking is perfect.

The Reasons why you should take masking services from us

  • We have 150+ expert image editors who have more than 8 years of working experience in this type of work and we regularly do these type of work.
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  • We can give you the assurance of high quality within the competitive pricing than other service providers.
  • We have 24/7 service provider in three shifts
  • Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours but for urgent orders we provide quick service and in that case prices will be a bit high than normal price
  • Until we satisfy our client completely we don’t charge any price
  • Unlimited correction facilities
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