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We are a globally recognized multimedia services provider, known for our extensive range of offerings that cater to clients around the world. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking top-notch multimedia solutions.

Our services encompass a diverse array of multimedia elements, including graphics, animation, video production, audio production, interactive media, and more. Our team of skilled and creative professionals is adept at utilizing the latest tools, technologies, and techniques to deliver cutting-edge multimedia services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Image Editing Services

We provide all kinds of image editing services that helps our clients pain.

Perfect Photo editing Services

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Video Editing Services

We provide all kinds of video editing services at a low cost with quality work.

Perfect video editing Services

We provide our client perfect video editing services. check out our all video editing services.
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Animation Design Services

We provide all kinds of animation design services, like 2D and 3dD animation

Quality Animation Services

We Have a professional animation designer team and we provide best services
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Our Image / Photo Editing Services

Firstly, at our Image / Photo Editing Services, we take pride in delivering the best-in-class solutions to meet all your image editing needs. Our team of skilled and experienced graphic designers and photo editors are well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide top-notch any kind of image / photo editing services that exceed your expectations.

Clipping Path Service

Basically, clipping path service, you may isolate any object from the background by drawing paths around it and choosing it. You will have a difficult time getting the edges precisely while eliminating the backdrop or separating an image from the background. By removing images from their backgrounds, a photo clipping service makes sure that the edges are accurate.

Clipping Path Services are a fundamental part of image editing, widely used in various industries such as e-commerce, advertising, photography, and more. It involves creating a precise outline or path around an object in an image, effectively isolating it from the background. In a word, we provide With the best Clipping Path Services offered at an affordable price. 

Clipping Path ServicesClipping Path Services

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex clipping path services are a crucial aspect of image / photo editing services and manipulation that can help businesses improve their visual appeal and brand recognition. In this situation, a competitive digital landscape, having high-quality images is essential for creating a strong online presence and attracting potential customers.

Another key point: Complex clipping path services are especially important for businesses that deal with a large volume of images, such as e-commerce stores, photographers, and graphic design agencies. These services involve the creation of intricate paths around the subject of an image, enabling it to be edited or isolated from the background.

Creative Photo Manipulation

Also, Creative photo Manipulation means giving an image a new look through various changes. That doesn’t mean you will cut an image and paste it on a different image and the image will be manipulated. Only an experienced person can do Image Manipulation perfectly. Most important, to do this type of work creative thinking is necessary.

That means if we want to describe it more precisely we can say that, Image Manipulation means giving an image a new look by making some changes, illustrating, merging and subtracting something in an image.

creative image manipulationcreative photo manipulation
E-commerce image editing (2)E-commerce image editing (1)

E-commerce Image Editing Service

At the present time, E-commerce market is a very fast growing online platform market. This is used daily by each one of us. E-commerce Image / photo Editing Services Companies are like best friends for each online retailer or business owner.

E-commerce Image Editing Services offer a wide range of services that are tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses. These services include but are not limited to background removal, product retouching, color correction, image resizing, and image enhancement. Check out our e-commerce image editing services details.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Generally, Ghost Mannequin Effect is the procedure to edit an image in order to create false impressions or trickery in photographs. Image manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary image to an unexpected and amazing image. Image Manipulation can be done through analog and digital techniques. 

In conclusion, the Ghost Mannequin Effect is not only a popular technique but also used in image editing services to create a natural and polished look for clothing products. It involves removing the mannequin or model from the inside of a garment and merging the front and back images to create a seamless and hollow appearance.

Ghost Mannequin Effect ServiceGhost Mannequin Effect Service
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Image Masking Service

Also, Image Masking is an important task of Adobe Photoshop. Basically Image Masking is needed to remove the background of an image. Usually Clipping Path is needed to remove the background of any image. But images that have far different kinds of things or flying hairs, those images need to be masked to remove the background flawlessly. In one word image masking is an advanced technology for background removal, through which image background can be removed flawlessly within a very short time.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Out of the whole image editing industry, Jewelry Image Retouching is very complicated & classy. The main goal of  this Jewelry Image Retouching Service is to boost up & raise the quality of the Jewelry Product. 

You have a variety of colors on your gems or any high-end price metals which look dull after your photography. Presently you have a website or any other commercial purpose that represents the jewelry. You may close your eyes and think Clip and Touch blindly.

jr 2.2jr 2
Model Retouching befo 3 (1)Model Retouching afte 4 (1)

Model Retouching Service

Product image retouching or model retouching is a very important part of the Beauty & Fashion World.

Overall, photographers love to capture models and beauties on their frames no matter that they are for private or commercial. These repairs and improvements are very complex and need to be done with very clever hands. The important goal of private images for model photography is to underline the natural beauty of the model in the image.  On the other hand commercial shots are way diverse and special. Why is Image Retouching Services important? Check Below

Photo Color Correction Service

Photo Color Correction In Simple Terms Meaning To Work With Different Colors Of  The Same Image & Correct Them Based On The Requirements.

This Service is integrated with Clipping Path Service and is performed mostly on a created path of an image to work on it particularly without damaging or changing the entire image. In other words, this is a very useful service to showcase various colors of the same product without the need to make or create several ones.


Photo Restoration Service

In genaral , Photo Restoration Services Help Us Restore An Image To Its Original State Or Make An Image More Vibrant And Lucrative!

The term restoration gives us a clear idea of the main use of the service.

In simple terms, it would mean taking a broken or old image and converting it to a fixed or new image. This service is especially helpful to restore old photos or change a black and white image to a colored one. Companies that work with antique photos, documents or just need an old memorable photo fixed to need these services.

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait Image Retouching is an important  element of Photo retouching. There exist many imperfections while doing a photo shoot. Those imperfections might be because of photographer’s inefficiency or lighting of the shooting location or surrounding environment. Check Out Portrait Image Retouching Service Details

Even a good photographer can’t guarantee that every photo shoot will be perfect. There will be some imperfections that stay behind and maybe because of some problems with the model. For example- freckles in the model’s skin, pimples, fly away hairs, scars etc might be there. Nobody wants to see those imperfections in their pictures. Those imperfections can be fixed through retouching. To fix these unexpected imperfections we do the best Portrait Image Retouching service. We also provide high quality Clipping path services

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wedding before4554 (1)wedding after445 (1)

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

Wedding Moments Are Something  Special. Truly these moments are something so special to each and every one of us. All photographers love to capture photos for weddings. It is surely tough and stressful to be a professional wedding photographer. Just as quickly, the shooting of a beautiful wedding has just been completed. In reality, hundreds of the shots are waiting for a grip to carry out image retouching. Also a great deal of work to be furnished quickly and professionally. Out in the Image Retouching industry, we provide the best and most professional Wedding Photo Retouch services with experts and retouch designers.

We are able to work on 1000+ wedding images and deliver them within 24 hours. Are you able to process this massive number of wedding images within such a short turnaround time? Would you be able to guarantee and finish off the image editing next to top quality too? Are you able to shoot photos or retouch and process your photos? Thanks to Clip and Touch, we have a completely separate department for Wedding Photo Retouching. In short, we have 150+ designers and experts on our floor ready to work on your images with professionalism and meet the terms of your requirements.

Background Remove Service

Background Remove Service is a very important ingredient of image / photo editing services industry which is currently a commonly used to bring up an image into more live & give the image a more creative & giving the image into a new realistic & sensible background. At this time, Background removal services are not only popular but also needy. Background removal services are now the main part of photo editing services for e-commerce business.

2Background Remove Service

Vector Conversion Services

Convert image to vector  or image scaling service used to Scale the image into any size or shape without losing the integrity of the image. 

In order to understand the Vector Conversion you have first understood the difference between a Raster and a Vector Image. Raster images are normal everyday images that we use like JPG, PNG, TIFF etc for Image Retouching. This image is made up of pixels or in simpler terms lots of tiny dots and holes. Due to this reason when zooming into the image it gets blurred or loses its original look. Thus when converted to a Vector Image, the same image will not look pixelated no matter which shape or size stretched or shrunken. Thus converting the image to the following formats AI, EPS, PDF, AIT etc using Adobe Illustrator. Check out Details About Vector Conversion Services

Our Video editing Service

Video editing services can be a game changer for your production, whether it’s a short film or a social media video. With professional video editing, you can enhance the quality of your content, giving it a polished and more professional look.

Tutorial Video editing Services

Our team of experienced editors can help you create stunning, professional-quality videos that will captivate your audience and get your message across loud and clear.

Whether you’re looking to create a tutorial video. or a social media ad, or a corporate training video, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. From basic trimming and cutting to advanced color correction and sound mixing. we can handle it all.

Real Estate Video Editing Services

We offer high-quality video editing services to boost your real estate business. With our experience and expertise, we can transform raw footage into a professionally edited video. This will showcase your real estate properties in the best light.

Wedding Video Editing Services

We understand that your wedding day holds a special place in your heart. And you want the memories to be cherished forever. That’s why we offer professional Wedding Video Editing Services that will turn your raw footage into a beautiful and timeless masterpiece. Our team of skilled video editors use the latest technology and software to create seamless, high quality videos. It captures every precious moment of your special day. From cutting and trimming footage to color correction and audio enhancement. our team will ensure that your wedding video is a true reflection of your love story.

Behind the Seen Video Editing Services

At Behind the Seen Video Editing Services, we specialize in professional and high-quality video editing that brings your vision to life. Our team of experienced video editors works diligently behind the scenes to transform raw footage into captivating stories that engage and captivate your audience.

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