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E-commerce Image Editing

E-commerce market is a very fast growing online platform market. This is daily used by each one of us. The Image Editing Service Companies are like the best friend for each online retailers or business owner




Focus On The Product Cleaning and Do Simple Retouch



Most of them are struggling with image editing of their own products photos. Photographers are doing great jobs for them but based on the customers and viewers requirements the images have lots of support left over. Basically to the high repudiated online business platform like the eBay, Amazon, Ali-Baba or etc.



E-commerce Image Editing - clipandtouch.com

E-commerce Image Editing



Clip and Touch just don’t focus on the product cleaning and do simple retouch or so. Here’s why our E-commerce product Image Editing Service department can manage and process images with big brands. We do the following:



Remove Background


We cut out the background using sharp cutout and hand drawn clipping path.  The edges of the product are finely masked so that the shape is not at all hurt.



Image Retouching

The product will be retouched to remove the dust and other spots.  Remove the scratches and help out to improving the product look more attractive.


Color Adjustment


Sometimes product photography comes with dull color or corrections needed.  Photographers usually take several photos leaving the actual color behind. We do the adjustments so that the product looks natural.


Shadow Making


Adjusting shadow is like keeping the product alive. Not only cleaning makes the job done rather giving the product at ouch with natural shadow makes it looks more beautiful and fine looking.


Ghost Mannequin Effect / Neck Joint


Mostly the apparel or clothing business owners has this images. It’s very effortless for us. It’s just combining two support images which are the front and the back and removing the actual mannequin. This conversion of invisible mannequin is very special to the clothing market. This fine piece of clothing definitely grabs the customer’s eyes. Our E-commerce Image Editing Service department experts loves to work on this neck joint segment.



Crop, Align & Pad

E-commerce website has a consistent aligning standard which is required to get meet. Setting up the product with proper margin and aligning. Crop out within the correct demand of the requirement of the image size.




E-commerce Image - clipandtouch.com

E-commerce Image



Clip and Touch are available with this E-commerce Image Editing Service department with 150+ expert designers and professionals who can support and boost up developing these businesses with competitive rates. Besides Image Editing Services industry we have a few different specialties which are why we are still leading this industry for many years.




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E-commerce Image Editing

E-commerce market is a very fast growing online platform market. This is daily used by each one of us. The

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