Basic Photoshop Tools for Beginner

Mixer Brush Tool

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software for editing photos. And some tools have to be used to work on these Photoshop. Different techniques have to be used for each individual job. So to be a good quality photo editor for High Quality Image Editing , there must be clear ideas about Adobe Photoshop tools. It is possible to get clear ideas about toolbars through a lot of practice. Below is a brief explanation of all the tools for Adobe Photoshop

Shortcut Photoshop Tools

Move Tool

The selected tool, which can be dragged through a selected layer or full layer keyboard by dragging it through the mouse, is called Move Tool, Adobe Photoshop. The position of this tool is at the top left side of the Adobe Photoshop Toolbox. Keyboard shortcut for this tool is (V).

Art board Tool

Art board Tool is a very important tool for designing UI / UX. This tool can be designed with the same webpage on different devices.This tool is also the location of the tool. Shortcut of this tool V.

Art board Tool
Art board Tool

Rectangular Marquee Tool

The Rectangular Marquee Tool is used to select a particular part of the image in a four-cornered way. Adobe Photoshop is a very important tool. In this tutorial, the image can be selected in three ways. Normal, Ratio and Fixed Size If you select in Normal mode, you can choose as much as you want from anywhere, in the ratio mode, when you select the ratio of the width and height, and select it when you drag it with the mouse. And to select through the fixed size, you have to demonstrate how many pixel-heights and how many pixels wide selection you can make. Now you can click on any part of the image and select it according to the specified size.

Elliptical Marquee Tool

This tool is used to select a specific part of the image round. Rectangular Marquee Tool The difference between the Elliptical Marquee Tool with the Rectangular Marquee Tool is the selection of the Rectangular Marquee Tool quadrilateral and the Elliptical Marquee Tool is circularly selected. 

Elliptical Marquee Tool
Elliptical Marquee Tool



Single Row Marquee Tool

The selection of this tool is done horizontally with a mark. The row marquee tool is used to keep the image line upright. Clicking anywhere on the image will select a line. If you need to fix many lines at once, then pressing the script will select another line and select if you want to remove a line. Then press the Alt button on the keyboard and clicking on that line will remove that line.

Single Column Marquee Tool

Single Row Marquee Tool and Single Column Tool are basically the same, but Single Column Marquee Tool selects Vertical Line

Lasso Tool

Lasso Tool is another important tool to select a part of the image. Keyboard shortcut for this tool is (L). This tool allows you to select a paste image as desired.

Polygonal Lasso Tool

Polygonal Meaning. Polygonal lasso tool is the job of selecting an image in polygon form.


Magnetic Lasso Tool

The work of the Magnetic Lasso Tool is selected by auto detecting the image along with the edge, just like a magnet.

Quick Selection Tool

Quick Selection Tool is another tool for image selection. With this tool clearing the image, automatic EDGE detection selects the image.

Quick Selection Tool
Quick Selection Tool

Magic Wand Tool

By selecting the magic wrench tool, select pixel in image by selecting it. This tool is used to select the same tone pixels through this tool.

Crop Tool

The tool that is used to resize the image is Crop Tool. Through this tool an image can be converted to any size.

Perspective Crop Tool

The Perspective Crop Tool is used to repair the zigzag image directly. After scanning, the images are often scratched. In this case, the perspective crop tool is used.

Perspective Crop Tool
Perspective Crop Tool


Slice Tool

Slice tool can be divided into different sections of an image. Position of this tool with the Crop Tool at the top of the Photoshop tool box.

Slice Select Tool

The Slice Select tool is used to slice the cut images with the Slice Tool to separate them individually.

Eyedropper Tool

The tool that is used to select the color of any part of the image is the Eyedropper Tool. This tool will set the background color of the image in the shape of the solid color of the image where Alt is pressed and left click on the left mouse button. 

3D Material Eyedropper Tool

3D Material Eyedropper Tool can be used to select the Color Correction of the 3D image.

Color Sampler Tool

Color matching is used to collect image samples from another image and to take other images.


Ruler Tool

Rule tool is used to position the image or position an element of an image. Also, this tool is used to find the distance between the two points within the image.

Note Tool

This tool can be used if there is a special note or description for a specific part of the image. This tool is very useful for the photographer, it can be easily written in the console section of the image and it can be easily written with the note tool.

Count Tool

The tool that is used to accurately calculate how many elements are in an image is the count Tool. Select this tool and click on the number of clicks on the image, one click for every click, and thus the image’s elements can be accurately counted.

Spot Healing Tool

The Spot Healing Brush Tool is used to control the image of the image. Select this tool and click on the place where the image is in place, it will collect sample from the next source and remove the spot.

Spot Healing Brush Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool

Healing Brush Tool

With the healing brush tool, you also need to collect samples from the next source by pressing Alt for this to be used.

Patch Tool

Patch Tool is used to remove dust, scraps, and reckless. Dust can be removed from the place by selecting the patch tool and dragging it to a good place and then the dust will be removed.

Content Aware Move Tool

Using this tool, select the part of the image to retrace and press the interactive button. In this case, the source is collected on the selected part or below.

Content-Aware Move Tool
Content-Aware Move Tool

Red Eye Tool

When the camera is flashing or flashing on a digital camera, the red spot on the dark part of the eye causes the spot to be called red eye spot. And the tool used for this spot is the Red Eye Tooleye causes the spot to be called red eye spot. And the tool used for this spot is the Red Eye Tool.

Brush Tool

Adobe Photoshop Brush Tool is a very popular and popular tool. Select the Brush Tool and press Alt to have an eyed arrow icon when clicking the left button of the image will be selected as the color of the foreground color of the part of the image that will click on the click. Now the color can be painted on any part of the image.

Pencil Tool

One of the tools that can be used to paint Photoshop is Pencil Tool. The pencil tool works almost the same as the brush tool. 

Color Replacement Tool

The color replacement tool is used to paint a colored image with another color. 

Mixer Brush Tool

The tool that is used to blend several colors together is called Mixer Brush Tool.    

Mixer Brush Tool
Mixer Brush Tool


Clone stamp Tool

Clone stamp tool is a very essential tool for image retouching or model retouching . With this tool, you can select a source from one place and replace it in another place. Once this source is selected by the source, it works automatically, so there is no need to select the source again and again. This tool works parallels.                  

Clone Stamp Tool
Clone Stamp Tool



Pattern Stamp Tool

Pattern stamp tool is used to filter any part of the image with a pattern. If desired, you can load your own pattern.    

Pattern Stamp Tool
Pattern Stamp Tool


History brush Tool

Sometimes editing photos is wrong, so the History Brush Tool is used to get them back to the previous location.

Art History Brush Tool

Art History Tool is used to artistically restore the image’s history.

Eraser Tool

The Eraser Tool is used to remove an unnecessary part of the image. Eraser Tool is one of the most widely used tools.

Background Eraser Tool

To remove image backgrounds this background eraser tool is used.

Magic Eraser Tool

Magic eraser tool is a tool that automatically removes the background when clicking on any of the images in the image. 


Gradient Tool

Gradient tool is used to create two color cods on the image

Paint Bucket Tool

The Paint Bucket Tool is used to filter with the solid color in the selected place of the image.


3D Material Drop Tool

3D Material Drop Tool is used to give 3D effects to solid colors



Blur Tool

The tool that is used to blur or blur a part of the image is the Blur Tool

Sharpen Tool

Sometimes the image becomes blur due to camera complications. The tool that is used to sharpen the blurred image is Sharpen Tool.

Smudge Tool

Smudge Tool is used to smoothen the image.


Dodge Tool

Sometimes the lights of the images fall in different places. Dodge Tool is used to increase this light.

Burn Tool

Sometimes the lights of the image falls in different places. The burn tool is used to reduce this light.

Sponge Tool

The Sponge Tool is used to sponge on the image.      

Sponge Tool
Sponge Tool


Pen Tool

One of the primary and important tasks in Adobe Photoshop is to work with Pen Tool. With Pen tool, Photoshop is primarily designed to work like clipping path . The Pen Tool is a bit of a hassle, but it gets better with time. It is much easier to learn other things.

 Free Form Pen Tool

Some elements are required to work with the Direct Pen tool, which is called Angkor Point and Ribbon. But to work with the Freeform Pen Tool, it is necessary to think differently with this Anchor Point and Ribbon.

Add Anchor Point Tool

The path is done with the pen tool and it is necessary to edit this path for various reasons. That is, with the add anchor point tool, the new path is added to the anchor points.

Add Anchor Point Tool
Add Anchor Point Tool

Delete Anchor Point Tool

Using Delete Anchor Point Tool any part of the path can be deleted.

Convert Point Tool

The Convert Point tool is used to change the direction of Anchor Point to any part of the path file.


Horizontal Type Tool

This is a type tool that is written on the image of the horizontal way. This tool is used to write from right to left or right to left.

 Vertical Type Tool

This is another type of tool that is used for typing verbally, so this tool is used to write from top to bottom or upwards.

Horizontal Type Mask Tool

Typing text with this tool does not get fixed directly.The horizontal way is in the form of a mask, or in the form of a selection that can later be filmed with a color or texture.

Vertical Type Mask Tool
Vertical Type Mask Tool

Vertical Type mask tool

This tool is used to mask the type of vertical manner.   


Path Selection Tool

Path Selection Tool is used to select the entire path of a path image together.

Direct Selection Tool

This tool is used to select different anchor points for each path of the image.Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Line Tool, Custom Shape Tool, each is each shape tools. Select these tools and drag them with the mouse and the path will be created.    

Direct Selection Tool
Direct Selection Tool


Hand Tool

Hand Tool is a tool by which different parts of the Imagery can be seen to be better.      




Rotate View Tool

Rotate View Tool is used to rotate the image in different edges.

Zoom Tool

The zoom tool is used to zoom in and zoom out the image.

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