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  Photoshop is an easy tool to use. But to become a master in it is difficult. Maybe you are looking for photoshop tips and tricks by which you can edit your images on Photoshop Easily and Beautifully. Maybe you are looking for some more tips about Layer, suggestions about Pen tool, an idea about Camera Raw, uses of Brush etc. You will get a clear...

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  [caption id="attachment_7754" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Differences-between-Clipping-Path-and-Background-Removal-01[/caption]       Clipping Path and Background Removal is part of Photo Editing Service. Besides that there are some differences between them. Those differences are given below.       Clipping Path Background Removal Clipping Path is the process of creating outline around the Center Object. Background Removal is Deleting everything else only keep the Center Object. To create Clipping Path Pen Tool of Editing Software is used. For Background Remove other tools...

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create clipping mask

In this tutorial we will show how easily we can do clipping mask in Photoshop. We will show it even in details, from which you can have a specific idea about how fast and easily clipping mask can be done. For this I am using CS-6. You can use Photoshop Cc or any other version.                                              What Is Photoshop Clipping Mask?             Clipping mask is a powerful system...

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The color profile of the image cannot be changed

    Background Removal in Adobe Photoshop is one of the important things to do. Background Remove is mostly required for e-commerce and online store. So no mistake can be accepted in this work. Today, the online customers are purchasing products only by viewing the pictures. So, due to which the Background Removal services are wrong, we have to be cautiously avoided. Below is a discussion on...

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PhotoScape free Photo editor

Do you really need it? This will help you to decide         What is free photo editor?   All software’s or online platforms that can be used without money or free images can be edited, it is called free photo editor or online platform. Some software is completely free and some software free partial images. After editing the picture up to a particular level, the software will ask you...

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Image Editing Company Clip and Touch

How to find the right image editing company for your specific product (Service)     What do you do when you look for image editing companies? Commonly you would explore on Google or Bing another search engine. For sure you would find a huge list of retouching companies on the top ranks with excellent stars and reputations and so on. True! But how would you figure out the...

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Clipping Path and Image Masking

 Difference Between Image Clipping Path and Image Masking Image Clipping Path is a general use for all types of images and Image masking is used for more precision cutting out of an image like hairs, furs etc     We can understand better with examples of each work and the classifications given below: For example, let’s say we have an image where the photographer has taken a photograph of a...

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