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Photoshop Clipping Path

Photoshop Editing Professionally with Clipping Path

Clipping Path is a very popular service of Adobe Photoshop. And pen tool is the main tool which is used at clipping path.

Normally there is a way of working with vector eventually Photoshop works with raster (Bitmap) images. The main difference between Raster and vector images are the tiny little pixels. When the raster images are zoomed the pixel gets larger and bigger and thus the quality of the image falls down. Whereas the vector images are made with such a formula that no matter whatever size of the image is need to zoom the quality remains fine.  Generally bitmap image are for Photoshop and vector image are for illustrator. Thus Photoshop is used as the hybrid for vector and bitmap.




Vector Bitmap - clipandtouch

                                                                                                         Vector Bitmap




Drawing on Photoshop is Clipping Path. Unlike the other drawing software here path can be created using the pen tool. If the designers are expert enough they can work with selections by using this pen tool as well.



Path created from the selection



* Using Photoshop select the specific division of the image
* Open the path panel
* Click Make Work Path by press and holding Alt. Use pixel level 0.5 or 1
* Use the pen tool and remove the variety anchor point and sharp the selected zone



Work Path for clipping

                                                                                                       Work Path for clipping


Once the path is created it is possible to edit and make it into the size of vector. This method is basically used in selecting on low resolution images.


Creating Path By Using The Pen Tool


Create one new document. Select the pen tool. By clicking on the document create an anchor point. Create another anchor point at a different place. The point is connected by a straight line. Create another point at another place and drag it. Instead of the straight line you will find curve line.

You will find two handlers on two sides which you can use and control the curve. You can take control the curve by using the handler by increasing it to bigger or smaller. If you bring the mouse point on the anchor point a circle will appear. If you click on that you will find a close shape. There are 2 types of anchor point. One is straight which goes back towards the point and the other goes curve and opposite direction.



Pen tool for clipping path - clipandtouch.com

                                                                                                         Pen tool for clipping path


Creating new point, erasing the point, changing the point

There are 5 tools on pen tool. Unlike the others you can hold the mouse click and use it.

* To create new point on path you have to use Add anchor point tool
* Erase any anchor point you have to use Delete anchor point
* Change from straight to curve point you need to use Convert point tool


Add Ancor Point - clipandtpuch.com

                                                                                                      Add Anchor Point



Path selection


There is another tool for path selection or path change. There are 2 types of tools. One of those are to select the total path and another on is to select the specific needed to path.

Selection tool for clippingpath- clipandtouch.com

                                                                                      Selection tool for clipping path



Stroke path

After drawing by using the path you can use the stroke path.

* You can select the stroke path by right click on the path panel
* Select the brush or any other tool for the stroke

Strock Path - clipandtouch.com

                                                                                                           Strock Path



Clipping Path

The clipping path is to separate the specific part of the image. Generally it takes help from the mezmaking  software. For example, if you import a picture that can be used, you can use text around a person’s Chutskin photo. Using the clipping mask, it can be used to text its body.

* To create a path for the image
* Double-click on the path panel and type a name on it
* Click on the path option button and select clipping path

Clipping Path photoshop -clipandtouch.com

                                                                                                  Clipping Path Photoshop


Export clipping path for illustrator

If you save the file with the path, the clipping path can be found in the Illustrator.

For this:
* Command on File – Export – Paths of illustrator
* Name the file and location



Illastrator -clipandtouch.com







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