How to remove background color in Photoshop

Background remove is a well known work of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop comes first when we talk about Background Removal. Below we will show, why image background color removing is done and how we can remov...

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How to remove background from hair in Photoshop 2021

In this tutorial we will show you how we can remove Background from an image hair step by step by using Photoshop 2021. You can easily add white background or different color background and you can add any othe...

How to Make the Sky Blue in Photoshop CC

How to Make the Sky Blue in Photoshop CC

Today we will show you a new task of Photoshop CC. How to make the sky blue in Photoshop CC easily and quickly. Through this tutorial you can easily convert your image background from white sky to blue sky. &nb...

How to do Face Swap easily in Photoshop 16

How to do Face Swap easily in Photoshop

Face Swap is a very important and authentic work of Adobe Photoshop. Before knowing how to do Face Swap easily in Photoshop you have to understand what is Face Swap? Why Face Swap is needed? Basically Face Swap...

How to make background transparent in 1 minute using Photoshop

How to make background transparent in 1 minute using Photoshop

    In this digital era, we try to make a general idea about a thing by seeing pictures of that person or the object. This is why the importance of picture is immense in our daily life. The pictures m...

spherical Panorama

How to make a Spherical Panorama Using Photoshop

Round Panorama or Spherical Panorama   Panoramic is a Photography technique, in which an image is converted into 360 degree by organizing the image in a sequence, by using special equipment and software....


19 Photoshop Effective Tips and Tricks

  Photoshop is an easy tool to use. But to become a master in it is difficult. Maybe you are looking for photoshop tips and tricks by which you can edit your images on Photoshop Easily and Beautifully. May...

Image Sharpness

Creating a dramatic landscape with Light room and Photoshop

  What is Landscape Photography?     A huge part of image in Online gallery is known as Landscape photography. But what does Landscape photography actually mean? The word Landscape photography wa...


Differences of Clipping Path and Background Removal

Clipping Path and Background Removal is part of Photo Editing Service. Besides that there are some differences between them. Those differences are given below. Clipping Path Background Removal Clippi...

Light room CC on IOS and Android

Introduction about Light-room CC and Light-room Classic

About Adobe Light room CC   Light room CC is a Cloud base service which can be used by three kinds of device. Adobe Light room App is created on the basis of three kinds of device Desktop, Mobile and Web. ...

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