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Clipping Path and Image Masking

 Difference Between Image Clipping Path and Image Masking

Image Clipping Path is a general use for all types of images and Image masking is used for more precision cutting out of an image like hairs, furs etc



We can understand better with examples of each work and the classifications given below:

For example, let’s say we have an image where the photographer has taken a photograph of a dining room. Therefore that image has lots of products and general background but the image would seem messy and too much going on. But with a clipping path service we can create a path around the main or all products/furniture of that room. This would help us showcase the products and put them on a neat and clean background. In short we can this background remove is one of the uses of clipping path.


clipping Path and Have Only a Background


In the same scenario if we would want the background of that image by using clipping path service . We can simply remove products inside the clipping path and have only a background.One of other major uses for this would be in the fashion industry for both product and model image.



Product Photo Clipping Path

Product Photo Clipping Path


In addition to category and the use of it helps create a sharp and niche looking path of the model. Each model can be inside each path that way the director could decide to place which model on which background.Now let us talk about Image Masking which we can say in simple terms is a complex level to clipping path and for detailed images.


We provide the service to perform various kinds of works as there are many types of clipping such as multi clipping path, complex clipping paths etc.


Understanding  Advanced Level of Image Masking


Image Masking is an advanced level of Clipping Path which is mostly used for more precision of the work. This service is mostly used for images with hair or fur to give it a smooth look rather than a straight cut. Let us understand by each of its major uses with examples:



Image Masking

Image Masking


Layer Masking


Layer Masking is performed by alpha masking, clear layer masking. Here the image can have 2 completely different layers, the initial layer and therefore the covert layer. This helps the client to work out the distinction between the image however the masking as affected the image. They can turn on the mask layer to see the after image or turn off the layer to see the original image. Thus enabling the customer to have a choice and use them based on their perspective.


Object Masking


Object Masking focuses on the rear ground of a picture or the back components of the image. For instance let’s say we’ve a product ahead of a background. Here if we tend to keep the background and take away the merchandise by masking it’ll change as Object Masking Service. This is very useful in keeping background of images and later using them for the backdrop of many different images.


Refine Edge Masking


Refine Edge Masking is an element of layer mask however rather more precise and sleek. Here we tend to use a tool in Adobe Photoshop referred to as “Refine Edge”  or Edge enhancement . This helps us to recreate and convey out the image during a additional natural and delightful means while not trying exposure shopped or simply a cutout image. The main uses of this service are for images of models with fly away hair and clothing images with fur, Etc.



Color Masking Service



Color Masking could be a combined service which incorporates, clipping path, and then refine edge masking and color correction still. Firstly, we’ve use pen tool do a basic clipping path of any given object or model then exploitation refine cutting tool we might take the crucial components of the image like hair or fur of the vesture. Then on that masked image we would insert or input color based on the client’s requirements.



Image Masking service

Image Masking service



In conclusion, the clipping path and Image Masking service provides the customer to use it in various ways by omitting the bad items of a certain image and utilizing the true potential of the image creating an eye catching effect with elegance and simplicity for the viewers. Therefore if the clipping path and image masking is utilized in a proper and creative way.  We can boost the quality and sharpness of the image with proper edging of the outline and maintaining the integrity of the certain image or the dedicated product to whole new level.



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