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December 2019

How to do Face Swap easily in Photoshop 16

[ratings]   Face Swap is a very important and authentic work of Adobe Photoshop. Before knowing how to do Face Swap easily in Photoshop you have to understand what is Face Swap? Why Face Swap is needed? Basically Face Swap means cutting one face from an image and place it in a different image through Photoshop. There are two types of face swap, one is replacing same person face...

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  Everybody wants that his website will be in Google ranking. To be in Google Ranking your website performance should be good. Website user experience should be good.  Image plays an important role to get good user experience and performance of a website. If image weight or size is big then website performance will get bad and website will take more time to load. In this...

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Creative Photo Manipulation

  Creative photo Manipulation means giving an image a new look through various changes. That doesn’t mean you will cut an image and paste it on a different image and the image will be manipulated. Only an experienced person can do Image Manipulation perfectly. To do this type of work creative thinking is necessary. That means if we want to describe it more precisely we can...

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