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April 2018

Click on Save for web from File menu

[ratings]   Gif is a file format, Gif- Graphic Interchange Format. A Raster Graphics File Extension. It is file format of World Wide Web. It is a technique of keeping several images in one file.Gif Animation is specially used in different websites for the banners of advertisement and posters. An animation image different aspects of advertisement can be understood, which is not possible to explain by any...

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Adobe Photoshop the size of the image has become very big

What matters should be considered to do image optimization through Photoshop   [ratings]     When we work on Adobe Photoshop the size of the image has become very big. Image size basically depends on image format and image layer. The technique by which we can make the picture small in size by keeping up the quality of the image is called image optimization.Image optimization is used to keeping...

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dust and scratch

Photo restoration key   [ratings]   Photo restoration is a process to bring back any old image to its previous position. It is to fix the broken parts,different types of dust and scratches in an old photo. In other words, the restoration is restored. Recovering the broken part of a photo or photograph is Photo Restoration.     Can anyone make photo restoration?   Photo Restoration can be done by anyone...

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create clipping mask

[ratings] In this tutorial we will show how easily we can do clipping mask in Photoshop. We will show it even in details, from which you can have a specific idea about how fast and easily clipping mask can be done. For this I am using CS-6. You can use Photoshop Cc or any other version.                                              What Is Photoshop Clipping Mask?             Clipping mask is a powerful system...

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Skin Dos and Burn

Model Beauty Retouching is the most popular application of Adobe Photoshop which is widely used   [ratings]       Model Beauty Retouching is a very complex and popular artery. In this tutorial we will show how to retouch the beauty of all types of models through Photoshop.Specifically usage of adjustment layer-alighting dosing and burning. However, there must be frequency separation before that. Frequency Separation Separator creates spectacular or beautiful skin...

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Image Inverse selection

Adobe Photoshop has many ways to remove backgrounds. Backgrounds can be removed from the tools by using a pen tool, but it is a little time-consuming   [ratings]       Background removal can also be done using background erase tool, Quick Selection, Magic Want Tool, Refine Edge, Channel Mask, Color Range etc.Which is faster and easier than clipping the background with clipping paths, although it will not be like the...

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Mixer Brush Tool

[ratings]   Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software for editing photos. And some tools have to be used to work on these Photoshop. Different techniques have to be used for each individual job. So to be a good quality photo editor for High Quality Image Editing , there must be clear ideas about Adobe Photoshop tools. It is possible to get clear ideas about toolbars through...

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