February 2018 - Professional Photo Editing & Retouching Services | Clip and Touch

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February 2018


Model Photography Model photography is a section used for the fashion industry, where the model shoot photos at a studio or a fixed shooting spot. The model has to be photographed under the full supervision of a photographer. According to the instructions of the Photography Co-ordinator, the model has to be posed.   Types of Model Photography   Depending on the commercial needs there are different types of professional models...

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Final Image

Model  always expected to appear with outstanding attractiveness and beautiful during model photography   You cannot find the best image quality almost immediately after the photography session. There are lot of requirements to fix light, color and etc. This is mostly applicable for model photography. And moreover the model is always expected to appear with outstanding attractiveness and beautiful during Model Photography Industry .          ...

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 Image Retouching

Image Retouching Service Make Your Image Look Better There are lot of image retouching service companies nowadays in the image editing outsourcing market. The amount of competitors nowadays at times confuses the consumers to decide the correct company to work with. No matter the consumer has neither thousands of images nor less numbers. The only target is to the image needs to look better and ready for...

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Image Editing Company Clip and Touch

How to find the right image editing company for your specific product (Service)     What do you do when you look for image editing companies? Commonly you would explore on Google or Bing another search engine. For sure you would find a huge list of retouching companies on the top ranks with excellent stars and reputations and so on. True! But how would you figure out the...

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ecommerce Product Photo Retouching

E-commerce Product Photo Retouching to Grow Sales   With regards to retouching pictures, there's no requirement for a long introduction. Nor are we going to waste time with an exchange of essential picture modify since we've effectively canvassed that in the others parts in this guide and we'll expect you are following general arranged procedures       [caption id="attachment_6479" align="aligncenter" width="801"] Ecommerce Product Photo Retouching[/caption]   If not, you can become involved with...

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Work Path for clipping

Photoshop Editing Professionally with Clipping Path Clipping Path is a very popular service of Adobe Photoshop. And pen tool is the main tool which is used at clipping path. Normally there is a way of working with vector eventually Photoshop works with raster (Bitmap) images. The main difference between Raster and vector images are the tiny little pixels. When the raster images are zoomed the pixel gets...

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Final Image - clipandtouch.com

How to Make Drop Shadow  using Photoshop  Desire       In today’s post we will show you a part of how to edit in Adobe Photoshop in a fun way. We are starting from the basics so that even the beginners can understand. So, for those who already know about the basics, please bear with us for a moment       Photoshop is a powerful image editing software created by the...

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Clipping Path and Image Masking

 Difference Between Image Clipping Path and Image Masking Image Clipping Path is a general use for all types of images and Image masking is used for more precision cutting out of an image like hairs, furs etc     We can understand better with examples of each work and the classifications given below: For example, let’s say we have an image where the photographer has taken a photograph of a...

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